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Make the Macquarie Cash Management Account the centre of your wealth ecosystem and benefit from transparency, detailed reporting and zero account keeping fees.
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"Macquarie's CMA gives me confidence."

Detailed reporting

Macquarie CMA puts 10 years of statements at your fingertips.

Award-winning1 SMSF solution

Simplifies opening an account, your SMSF accounting and tax returns.

Digital smarts

Smarter banking that allows you to categorise your purchases, identify trends in your spending, and easily search your transactions.

Full visibility

Flexibility and control for you and your adviser, including capability for advisers to make payments on your behalf.

No ongoing fees

No account-keeping fees or management fees.

Wealth ecosystem cash hub

By integrating with term deposits, our high interest Accelerator Account, wrap platform and Macquarie Online Trading, the Macquarie CMA becomes an efficient cash hub sitting at the centre of your wealth ecosystem. 

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Security and transparency with Macquarie Mobile Banking

Get real time alerts when a transaction is made on your Macquarie CMA, giving you full transparency.

You can also access reports and statements as far as 10 years back all through our online banking portal and mobile app.  

Interest rates

Interest on the CMA is calculated using stepped interest rates, which means that account holders may be paid a different interest rate for different portions of their balance.

Product Balance portion Interest rate
Non-advised accounts
$0-4,999.99 0.00% p.a.
$5,000 + 0.00% p.a.
Advised accounts
$0-4,999.99 0.05% p.a.**
$5,000 + 0.05% p.a.**
CMA Accelerator
Advised accounts
$0-9,999,999.99 0.60% p.a.
$10,000,000 + 0.40% p.a.

** Rate is available to accounts with a primary financial services professional that is licensed to give financial product advice. 

Prior to 1 December 2020, we may have paid commissions where your Cash Account was set up by a Financial Services Professional prior to 1 July 2014. By law, we are required to cease the payment of such commission from 1 January 2021 onwards. Macquarie has voluntarily chosen to end these arrangements early and from 1 December 2020, we will rebate the benefit of these commissions to Cash Accounts through the interest rate applicable on the Cash Account.

Interest rates effective from 15 March 2022 and are subject to change. For the interest rates applicable to advised accounts, please contact your financial services professional or check your statement.

For the interest rates that apply to cash accounts linked to wrap, please visit the wrap page.

Interest on cash accounts linked to wrap is calculated differently. However, clients who close their wrap account but decide to keep their CMA will, at that point, then be subject to the stepped interest rates listed above.

Cash Management Account offer documents

Need more information before opening our award winning CMA? Check out the:

Document Link
Product Information Statement Download PDF 

Cash Management Accelerator Account offer documents

To open an Accelerator Account, you must open and link it to a new or existing CMA. Need more information before opening a Accelerator Account? Check out the Accelerator Product Information Statement.

Document Link
Product Information Statement Download PDF

Daily transaction limits

There are daily transaction limits associated with the Cash Management Account.

Daily funds transfer limit* Daily BPAY limit
$100,000 No limit

**The $100,000 limit applies if you use the Macquarie Authenticator App and are registered for Electronic Banking. Otherwise, a default limit of $5,000 applies. Your applicable daily limit applies to all of the daily Pay Anyone payments you make across all your eligible accounts linked to your Macquarie ID. If you hold a joint account, click here for information about how this limit applies to you.

Account fees

Fee Type Fee amount
Monthly account fee Free

Cheque books (30 cheques)


Online payments

Make internal transfers, pay anyone and BPAY® payments through online banking and mobile banking on an immediate or scheduled basis.


Bank cheques

Request a bank cheque issued by Macquarie with funds drawn immediately from your Account.

Bank cheques can be requested by phone or at a Macquarie Branch.


Audit letter Free
Cancelled bank cheques Free
Dishonoured payments (including cheques) Free
Stopped cheques Free
Transaction investigation Free

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

Transfer funds within the same Business Day to another Australian financial institution (subject to cut off time below).


International funds transfer



6Historical statements for up to 10 years are available online. For more information, contact us.


Additional terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Link
Macquarie electronic banking terms and conditions View conditions

Opening a new CMA 

Our simple online account opening process means you can start using your CMA today. 

Talk to us

If you’d like to find out more about our CMA before opening a new account, call us on 13 62 00.

Do you have a financial adviser?

Our CMA is designed to work with your adviser. Contact your adviser today to discuss opening an account. 

Frequently asked questions

The Macquarie Cash Management Accelerator Account (Accelerator) is a high interest savings deposit account that links to your Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA). You can earn more on your cash funds while waiting for investment opportunities or simply get a higher return on your savings. The Accelerator offers you the convenience of having your investment cash hub and your surplus investment cash account in one place.

Accelerator benefits

  • Higher interest rates
  • No fees
  • No minimum or maximum balances
  • Real-time transfers to and from your linked CMA during a business day
  • Covered by the Government Guarantee under the Financial Claims Scheme.

Most investors use an Accelerator Account as a place to keep their excess investment cash due to a higher interest rate than the standard CMA. Please note that interest rates are variable and subject to change. You can view the current Accelerator interest rates here.

Speak to your adviser if you’re interested in opening an Accelerator Account. They’ll need to complete the application for you, that you can approve online, in the same way as a CMA application. You can’t open an Accelerator Account directly.

The information below applies to the following accounts:
  • Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA)
  • Macquarie Investment Manager (Macquarie Cash Management Account)
  • Macquarie Investment Consolidator (Macquarie Consolidator Cash Account)
  • Macquarie Investment Manager II (Wrap Cash Account)
  • Macquarie Investment Consolidator II (Wrap Cash Account)
  • Macquarie Vision (Macquarie Vision Cash Account)
  • Macquarie Online Trading (Macquarie Cash Management Account) via the linked Macquarie Cash Management Account

You can make a payment into your cash account a number of ways:
  • EFT
  • BPAY®
  • Direct debit
  • Cheque deposits

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

You can transfer funds into your account from your Macquarie account or from most other financial institutions by using their online banking services.

Our branch (BSB) number is 182-512*.

Please note:
  • Transfers from Macquarie accounts will generally reach your account on the same business banking day. This does not include super or pension accounts
  • Transfers from other financial institutions are normally made overnight and generally reach your account the following business banking day. This means a transfer made on a Friday will generally be deposited the following Monday. Transfers made after business hours, however, will take an additional day to reach your account. For example, a transfer made after business hours on a Monday will generally be deposited on Wednesday.

Where you have an SMSF which uses a Macquarie CMA or your SMSF is administered through a Macquarie Investment Consolidator account, we offer an electronic message service that allows your account to receive employer super contribution payments and related messages electronically. The electronic service address (ESA) is MACQUARIESMSF.

*Only for accounts listed at the start of the article. For BSBs relating to Macquarie Cash Management Trusts (CMTs) which were transitioned to Macquarie CMAs, please refer to the Product Information Statement or check your account online.
Internal funds transfer

To initiate a transfer between your Macquarie accounts, please see How do I make a withdrawal or payment from my investment or SMSF account using funds transfer or BPAY?


Transfers via an overseas bank

You can transfer funds to your Macquarie CMA from overseas by:

  • bank draft drawn at an Australian bank, or by
  • telegraphic transfer in Australian dollars (AUD). Please instruct the sending bank to quote our SWIFT code: MACQAU2S XXX.

To send funds to your account via BPAY, contact the financial institution holding the funds, which must be a BPAY payer. Use the following details to make the transfer:
  • Biller code: 667022
  • Reference number: your cash account number

Please note BPAY deposits take two business days to clear.
Making direct debits
Direct debits are the easiest way to automate regular deposits into your account.

To set up a direct debit from an account you have with another financial institution, you can elect this on the online application at the time your account is opened and complete the Direct Debit Request form.

This form can also be used to facilitate a one-off direct debit.

The name of the bank account that you're debiting needs to match the name of your Macquarie account. You can request a direct debit from your joint bank account into your individual Macquarie account, just make sure that the direct debit request is signed by both joint account holders.

You’ll need to provide a copy of a recent bank statement (that’s less than six months old) for the account you’re debiting which is used to verify the account details.

In circumstances where the account you are nominating for direct debits doesn’t issue statements, we will accept alternative documents that clearly reflect the account name and details, for example a Transaction Report or screenshot of the online bank statement.

Posting a cheque to us

You can deposit cheques at a Macquarie branch. All cheques must be made payable to:

Macquarie Investment Manager II (full account name)
eg Macquarie Investment Manager II / Macquarie Investment Consolidator II John Citizen

Cheques should be accompanied by either a new application form or a deposit slip (available online) and be sent to us. Cheques take approximately three business days to clear and must be cleared before your selected investments can be purchased. 

You can find cheque deposit slips here.

You can also deposit cheques at any participating National Australia Bank (NAB) branch. We will usually credit your Wrap Cash Account on the same business day, provided you lodge your deposit at the counter on that day. Interest on the deposit then accrues from that day. NAB does not accept cash deposits or third-party cheques on our behalf. Please do not use the Express Cheque Deposit facility at NAB branches.

1. Write the following depositing account details on the back of each cheque:
  • account name
  • account number
  • account BSB
  • a contact number (mobile or landline).

2. Post the cheque(s) to: 

Macquarie Bank Limited
GPO Box 4045 
Sydney NSW 2001

Depositing a cheque at a Macquarie branch 

Visit a Macquarie branch. Our branch locations are:

  • New South Wales
     1 Shelley Street
     Sydney NSW 2000
  • Queensland
     Level 8, 825 Ann Street
     Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
  • Victoria
     Level 32, 80 Collins Street South Tower
     Melbourne VIC 3000

These branches are open 8am – 5pm local time, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Depositing a cheque at a NAB branch

Deposits at NAB branches are available for the following accounts only:
  • Macquarie Cash Management Account
  • Macquarie Wrap Cash Account.
Please note: It generally takes three business days for Australian dollar cheques, including bank cheques, to clear.

® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

Joint account holders can individually or jointly transact on and make changes to the account. Joint accounts can be set up during the application process for the following accounts:
  • Macquarie Transaction Account*
  • Macquarie Savings Account*
*You can add a joint account holder (select account type) after providing your personal details and completing ID verification in the application
  • Macquarie Cash Management Account
  • Macquarie Cash Management Accelerator Account (the account has to be in the same name as the linked Cash Management Account)
  • Macquarie Term Deposit.

Once an account has been opened in a person’s name, it can’t be converted into a joint account, but the account holder can provide a third party with authority to view or transact on their account after the account is opened.

At Macquarie, we empower people to innovate and invest for a better future.

We take our obligations as a responsible lender and a signatory to the Banking Code of Practice seriously, and we’re proud to reward our savers and borrowers with award-winning products including great rates, choice and an exceptional experience.  

Deposits held by Macquarie Bank support our lending to Australian households and businesses, including home loans, vehicle loans and loans to support local small to medium sized businesses.

Macquarie’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment reflects our responsibility to our clients, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.

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Additional information

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