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Deposit your salary, withdraw cash, pay bills and get access to complimentary benefits.
"I love that there’s no ATM fees"

Awarded for outstanding value

Our transaction account has been awarded for outstanding value thanks to features like no international purchase fees and refunds on fees incurred at all ATMs in Australia.

No fees, no deposit conditions

  • No minimum monthly deposit.
  • No international purchase fees*.
  • No transaction fees.
  • No dishonour fees.

Fee free ATMs

  • We won’t charge you ATM fees anywhere in the world^.
  • Enjoy a refund on fees incurred at all ATMs in Australia.

Platinum perks

  • Receive the Mastercard foreign exchange rate, with no additional fees or charges.
  • Access our 24/7 Concierge Service1.

Safe and secure

  • Securely lock and unlock your Platinum Debit Mastercard in the Macquarie Mobile Banking app.
  • Get 90-day theft and damage protection on eligible purchases and stolen wallet protection up to $5002.

More ways to pay

Add your Platinum Debit Mastercard to your mobile or wearable with Apple Pay and Google Pay instantly when you open an account.

A graphic of the awards, shown as badges, that Macquarie’s transaction and savings accounts have won.

Open a multi-award winner

Start using our award-winning Macquarie Transaction and Savings Accounts3.

Shopping discounts

Discounts on eGift cards

Discounts on eGift cards

  • Get discounts of up to 10% on eGift cards to use at over 50 leading retailers across Australia with Macquarie Marketplace.
  • Instantly purchase eGift cards from the palm of your hand and access them 24/7 through your account.
  • Get access to Macquarie Marketplace with your transaction account.
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Added security

Protect your account and personal information

Protect your account and personal information

  • The Macquarie Authenticator app provides an extra layer of security that helps protect your account and personal information and is our most secure way to authenticate.
  • It's a mobile app that sends actionable push notifications for you to approve or deny online transactions and account activity. There’s also an option to generate a unique one-time rolling code as an alternative authentication method.
A person in a cafe close up shot of their hand holding a phone with the Macquarie authenticator app open
Budgeting and saving

Tools for budgeting and saving

Tools for budgeting and saving

  • Open a Macquarie Savings Account with just one tap in the app.
  • Get to know your spending. Each time you make a transaction, it’s automatically categorised into groups such as groceries, travel, leisure or technology.
  • Create smart budgets for anything in an instant, then see how you're tracking at a glance and over time.
A hand holding a phone (iPhone X) with the Macquarie app open showing the spending and budgeting feature
Track spending

Transaction notifications

Transaction notifications

  • Get the added security of real time notifications – opt in on your device.
  • Whenever you make a transaction on your Macquarie credit or debit card, you’ll receive a push notification, so you know the correct transaction has been processed either instore or online.
  • For foreign currency transactions, the alert shows the spend amount in local currency and Australian dollars.
A woman holding a phone in a well lit room with the Macquaire bank app open on a savings screen.
Travel assistance

Digital tools for travelling

Digital tools for travelling

  • When you log into the Macquarie Mobile Banking app at your overseas destination, the Travel Mode feature will reflect your location and the local exchange rate.
  • You’ll also have quick access to our international support contact details.
  • Easily lock and unlock your card in the app if your card is lost or stolen.
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Rates and fees

The Macquarie Platinum transaction account is our low fee account.

Interest rates

Information and interest rates are current as at 26 February 2021 and subject to change.

0.20% pa

See previous interest rates

Account fees

Fee type Fee amount

Online payments

Make internal transfers, pay anyone and BPAY® payments through online banking and mobile banking on an immediate or scheduled basis.


Domestic ATM transactions

If you’re charged a fee at an ATM in Australia, we’ll refund it to your account.


International ATM transactions

Check your account balance and withdraw cash where your Debit Mastercard is accepted.

We don’t charge fees to use ATMs overseas. You may be charged a fee by international ATM operators.

International purchases

Card purchases or transactions made or processed outside Australia.

Dishonour fees Free

Bank cheque

Request a bank cheque issued by Macquarie with funds drawn immediately from your Transaction Account.

Bank cheques can be requested by phone or at a Macquarie Branch.


Card and transaction limits

Transaction type Limit
Daily limit for domestic ATM or other cash withdrawals $2,000 daily

Daily Debit Mastercard transaction limit

Purchases made online, by telephone or when selecting ‘Mastercard Debit’, ‘credit’ or ‘CR’ in stores.    

Up to the available balance of your account
Mastercard contactless limit with no PIN $200 per transaction

Daily Pay Anyone Payment limit

**The $100,000 limit applies if you use the Macquarie Authenticator App and are registered for Electronic Banking. Otherwise, a default limit of $5,000 applies. Your applicable daily limit applies to all of the daily Pay Anyone payments you make across all your eligible accounts linked to your Macquarie ID. If you hold a joint account, click here for information about how this limit applies to you. 

$100,000 daily**

NPP Payment sub-limit                                                                

^ This limit operates as a sub-limit of the daily Pay Anyone limit. The $10,000 limit applies if you use the Macquarie Authenticator App and are registered for Electronic Banking. Otherwise, a default limit of $5,000 applies.

 $10,000 daily^

Daily BPAY limit

Some billers may impose their own limits.

Up to the available balance of your account

Terms, conditions and documents

Terms and conditions Link
Macquarie transaction and savings accounts terms and conditions View conditions
Macquarie electronic banking terms and conditions View conditions
Macquarie variation notice View conditions
Documents Link
Macquarie platinum benefits Download PDF

How to apply

Open your account in just a few minutes.

Open an account if you:

  • are aged 14 years or older,
  • have a permanent Australian residential address, email and mobile number
  • are an individual or joint applicant.

What happens next

  • Your identity will be verified online securely and your account will be set up instantly
  • We will confirm your bank account details and Macquarie ID by email

Frequently asked questions

To open a Macquarie Transaction Account you’ll need to download the Macquarie Mobile Banking app or complete our online application. We’ve designed this process to be as quick and easy as possible, so that you can start using your account straight away. Before we can open your account, we’ll need to verify your identity and may ask you for some additional information. We recommend reading our terms and conditions before applying.

To apply for a Macquarie Transaction Account:
  1. Go to macquarie.com.au and select Everyday banking
  2. Under Transaction Account, click Find out more
  3. Select Open an account.


Download the Macquarie Mobile Banking app from the app store.

If you need to pause your application partway through, we’ll send you an email so you can resume it when you’re ready.

Once you open a Macquarie Transaction Account, you can link a savings account in online banking by selecting Accounts and clicking Open an account in the menu.

We don’t have any deposit conditions on Transaction Accounts, Offset Accounts or Savings Accounts, to get access to our great benefits and earn interest.

For example, you don’t need to make a minimum monthly deposit to use the platinum benefits or make free ATM withdrawals.

We don’t charge fees on Transaction Accounts, Offset Accounts or Savings Accounts.

We provide a refund on fees incurred at all ATMs in Australia.

We don’t charge fees to withdraw cash overseas or make international purchases. Other financial institutions, such as the banks of international merchants and international ATM operators, may charge you fees for these transactions.

Joint account holders can individually or jointly transact on and make changes to the account. Joint accounts can be set up during the application process for the following accounts:
  • Macquarie Transaction Account*
  • Macquarie Savings Account*
*You can add a joint account holder (select account type) after providing your personal details and completing ID verification in the application
  • Macquarie Cash Management Account
  • Macquarie Cash Management Accelerator Account (the account has to be in the same name as the linked Cash Management Account)
  • Macquarie Term Deposit.

Once an account has been opened in a person’s name, it can’t be converted into a joint account, but the account holder can provide a third party with authority to view or transact on their account after the account is opened.

"I love the [push] notifications that tell you how much you've spent and when people deposit money."


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Additional information

This information has been prepared by Macquarie Bank Limited AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 237502 (MBL) and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider whether it is appropriate for you. Lending criteria, fees and T&Cs apply.

Government Guarantee: The Australian Government guarantees aggregated deposits with Australian authorised deposit-taking institutions, including Macquarie Bank, of up to $A250,000. In September 2011 the Australian Government announced a number of changes to the Financial Claims Scheme (Government Guarantee). From 1 February 2012, a guarantee cap of $250,000 per account holder per institution will apply, subject to the continued advice of financial regulators that this remains appropriate. Further information about the Government Guarantee can be obtained from the APRA website at www.fcs.gov.au

Macquarie transaction and savings accounts are issued by MBL.

Apple, the Apple logo & iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Android, Google Pay, Google Chrome and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

We don’t charge any fees in connection with our transaction and savings account products but others, such as other financial institutions, may.


We don’t charge fees for card purchases or transactions made or processed outside Australia but others, such as the banks of international merchants, might.


We will refund fees charged to you by domestic ATM operators in connection with domestic ATM transactions, but you’ll need to pay any other fee that you’re charged by any international ATM operator.


Concierge Services are provided by Aspire Lifestyles (Australia) Pty Ltd. Accessing concierge services is free but you must pay for the goods or services that you purchase through the service.


Wallet Guard and Purchase Security Cover are underwritten by Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (ABN 23 001 642 020, AFSL 239687) (Chubb) and are subject to the terms, conditions, excesses and exclusions contained in the Card Insurance Master Policy between Macquarie Bank and Chubb. This information does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It is important for you to read the Macquarie platinum benefits and consider the appropriateness of the insurances in relation to your individual requirements.


Macquarie's Savings and Transaction Account were both awarded Canstar's Outstanding Value Transaction Account and Outstanding Value Savings Account in April 2021.